sultan suleyman mosque
sultan suleyman mosque
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While wandering in the streets of Çankırı, he entered the courtyard of the Great Mosque, which was certainly magnificent with its large minarets and gorgeous aesthetic. He sat for a long time in the courtyard of the mosque, which was also known as Sultan Süleyman Mosque or Ulu Camii among people. It was written on the epigraph that it was built by Sadık Kalfa, one of the foremen of Sinan the Architect, by the command of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent in 1558. While chatting with the community of the mosque, whose walls and dome were covered with face stone and the minaret was covered with lead, he learned that construction of the mosque took almost 36 years. When he entered, he observed that the mosque was processed with fine details from its gathering-place to mimbar and had the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman architecture. No one could hide his confusion in front of this spirituality.


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