clock tower
clock tower
When he went out after visiting Çankırı Museum, the modern Clock Tower met him. He heard that there was also a historic Clock Tower while he was observing the region. He explored how to go to the historical structure in the city. He began to travel through time while passing over the streets of Çankırı. He greeted the Clock Tower, which was built in Switzerland and brought to Çankırı via the road of İnebolu when the calendars showed the year 1866, during the reign of Abdülhamit II. The structure was still standing in all its magnificence was on a platform with a square plan and a rectangular body. Although the tower with 15 meters long was replaced by a new one in 1948, the clock dated back to old times reflected the history of Çankırı. This tower, which was in the best point of the city, was glaring with its magnificence. He started to hum something while turning back: “The memories, do not set those old clocks that I cannot get enough of silence all over again, ooo memories, do not flash from the distance.”


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