dr. rıfkı kamil urga cankırı research center
dr. rıfkı kamil urga cankırı research center
He had a lot of historical accumulations of knowledge about Çankırı, however, he was sure of the infinity of knowledge. When Dr. Rıfkı Kamil Urga arrived in Çankırı Research Center, he realized that this place was the truest address. He was pleased to hear that this research center, opened by Çankırı Municipality in 2005, maintained its currency along with the contributions of 32 researchers. The center now continues its researches without slowing down with a total of around 2500 historical documents, including more than 1600 Ottoman documents. When he entered through the door, the first thing that attracted his attention was the employees’ tempo and equipment. The works within the texture of the building paved a way for an irresistible knowledge hunger. It was possible to come across unique views on each floor of this three-storey building. He knew that knowledge hadno end as long as the desire and investigation continued. The presence of such an institution in Çankırı gave hope to him for the future with the strength he received from the past.


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