cankırı museum
cankırı museum
She better understood the greatness of these territories, which hosted many civilizations of history along with the unique culture of Central Anatolia, while she was visiting the Çankırı Museum. She rarely saw museums with such a wide range of works and equipment. Although Çankırı Museum dated back to the previous years in terms of exhibition, it was restored and achieved its current aesthetic at the beginning of 2017. On the right side of the ground floor of the museum, there was an archeological section. Chalcolithic, Hittite and Bronze Age works along with the works covering the Hellenistic, Roman and Eastern Roman periods were exhibited in separate halls according to their groups in a chronological order. At the same time, the imitation of the İnandık Vase was presented to the visitors with its entire magnificence in this section. There was a natural history section on the left side of the same floor. The first outstanding work here was the Sabre-toothed Tiger Fossil, which is one of the pearls of the museum. She was astonished by the fact that this fossil is present only in Çankırı Museum in Turkey. Who knows, how many fossils were waiting to be discovered under the ground. The ethnography section of the museum greeted her when she went to the first floor. Traditional kitchen and kitchenware, Turkish Islamic works, weaving, traditional clothing, Yaran Culture, Mevleviyeh, weapons, weight measuring instruments and the tumbrel used on the road to Independence were exhibited. She was almost fascinated while examining the works in Çankırı Museum, where modern textures and traces left by the past were blended and became magnificent.


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