alpsarı pond
alpsarı pond
While going from Çankırı city Center to Korgun district in company with a cloudy and good weather, she reached the Alpsarı Pond by following the direction signs. As she approached the pond, which was 22 km away from Çankırı and 10 km away from Korgun, the tranquility of water already started to penetrate into her senses. That the environmental planning was very perfect, as well as the beauty of the pond, pleased her. She always liked to visit the lakes in the forested land. While she was wandering around the Alpsarı Pond, she chatted with the families having a picnic, with a beauty transformed into a picnic area. The presence of the restaurant, table benches, pergolas, bicycle and hiking trails, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts, artificial turf area and fitness equipment gave the pond a particular atmosphere. She finally realized what she has always desired. She began to sing songs while touring around the pond with pedalo. At that moment, there was nothing left about bad in her mind, the beauty of the water and the joy of people triggered her to have great emotions. The surprise of the day was that an aunt offered tea thst was brewed in a samovar during the setting of the sun in the pond.


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