hüyük underground city
hüyük underground city
Çankırı continued its surprises. She arrived in Hüyük village of Orta district by getting 55 kilometers away from the center. Very recently, the Underground City, which was discovered and recorded in 2005, was illuminated with archaeological cleansing. She observed that the passageways were tunnel-shaped in this area with a size that enabled 20-30 people to shelter. She noticed that there were small baffled chambers scattered from the saloon in the middle of the tunnel that she passed by leaning from the entrance. As she progressed, she examined the church prepared for worship. She thought that people built this structure under the ground to worship comfortably while Christianity was newly spreading in the region in the 200-300s and they were hidden there. In addition to the chapel, there were also cellars, vent-hole, lock systems, saloons and small rooms. She felt that she was lost in history while visiting them.


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