yaran culture
yaran culture
He recognized this culture in the Friends' night that he participated upon the invitation of his old friend. He learned that the friends' culture with an accumulation of about seven centuries is the way of life that arouses and supports the generosity, desire for science, sense of shame and loyalty and the fear of paying for one day that sleep in people’s hearts. The Friends’ Assembly consisted of one başağa (chief Agha), one smaller başağa (chief agha) and 22 friends representing 24 Oghuz tribes, 1 sergeant dealing with medium businesses and the musicians who colour up the folk dances with their songs. The individuals of this social organization who call out to our day centuries ago with its customs and senior officers are the people we see on the road, supermarket, on the bus, and in any activity. Within this culture, efforts are made to keep our spirit alive with the activities performed while continuing the normal life by acting in accordance with Turkish traditions and customs. “They're doing it well,” he thought.


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