stone masjid
stone masjid
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She was in front of the Taş Mescit (Stone Masjid), which is believed to heal the troubles, distressed people once upon a time. The first Dar-ul-Hadith of Anatolian was built after seven years in addition to the healing center built by the Governor of Çankırı Cemalettin Ferruh in 1235 during Anatolian Seljukian Ruler Alaeddin Keykubat 1. She heard that the Taş Mescit’s (Stone Masjid) the healing center was disappeared over time due to the worn out of the rubble stones, was previously in the view of the complex. She was very surprised that the monumental structure located on the Hıdırlık Hill in central Çankırı contained two important works reflecting the plastic arts: One of them was the figure depicting the intertwined snakes used as a symbol of medicine in our day. And, the other figure was the statue of snake wrapped around the mug used as a symbol of pharmacy.


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