kupecik cheese
kupecik cheese
She came to the garden of Aunt Sebahat for breakfast upon her invitation. Good-humored people welcomed her on the table set in the garden. While sitting at the table, she glanced at the natural products on the table with furtive glances. There were various kinds of jams, butter, milk, phyllo dough made on an iron plate, roasted village bread, fanugreek, fried eggs, honey from the bees in the garden and küpecik cheese. Since the taste of cheese attracted her attention, she asked Aunt Sebahat how the cheese was made. Çankırı küpecik cheese was the masterpiece product of Aunt Sebahat. She crumbles the cheese, which she prepared with fat milk by putting through certain processes, with her hands and stired it by adding salt. After she filled the inside of the jar with cheese, she wraped its edge with three or four layers of cloth and closed in a way not to let the air in. The cheese was put in the ground in a way the edge of the jar would be downwards by digging the soil of a cool environment and kept waiting under the ground for two or three months, and it was taken out of the soil and garnished the breakfast tables.


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