cornelian sour
cornelian sour
During her visit to Çankırı, she witnessed the integration of the Cornel tree greeting the spring with yellow flowers with nature. These trees, which contributed to the harmony of nature with red color among the leaves when they produced fruit, took their place both in the specially-maintained vineyards and in the forests. “Kızılcık ekşisi” (Cranberry extract), one of the essentials of the breakfast, was also the gift of nature to Çankırı. This product, which was prepared in the form of marmalade, was stored in jars and placed in the winter in dinner tables and also diluted in dishes drunk as fruit juice. Her state of mind that was overwhelmed by the distress of big cities was being refreshed with the peace given by the vineyards. She liked the folk song that she kept on saying while picking these red fruits although it did not belong to Çankırı: “Kızılcıklar oldu mu? Selelere doldu mu hey?” (Oh, have cranberries been grown? Have they been collected in baskets?)


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