kırkpınar plateau
kırkpınar plateau
He wanted to benefit from the fine weather in Kırkpınar Plateau. On his way from Ilgaz district to Kastamonu, he felt that he would have a nice day when he reached the plateau of 20 kilometers away. Kırkpınar Plateau was making him feel the plateau culture to the marrow with the scotch pines, black pines and firs surrounding it, 32 mountain houses lined up near the magnificent lake and its cool air that keeps you fresh at an altitude of 1,654 meters. While catching fish on the small lake, he watched the bovine animals of the plateau passing by on the opposite road. While drinking the tea offered by tent builders, he wished that goodness would cover the whole world and that all nature could protect its essence as in Kırkpınar Plateau.


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  • Swimming in the lake is dangerous and prohibited. Fishing is forbidden. The visual has been used for promotion, representatively.
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