female meadow
female meadow
It was enough to move away from Ilgaz district for 20 km to reach Kadın Çayırı, surrounded by black pine, scotch pine and firs. He lighted the fire of one of the barbecue-style braziers prepared with 20-meter intervals in the picnic area covering 10 hectares. He set his table on one of the tables arranged for visitors. Daily picnics are the shortest way to let himself go. He played volleyball by the fountain with his friends, jumped the rope with the kids, walked in the forest. Ilgaz Mountain’s coolness did not sweat, on the contrary, the fire of the barbecue was rubbing his face warmly. He thought that if life is good when your beloved ones stand by you, then small shares made with them would lead to great happiness. He considered that Kadın Çayırı of Çankırı was only one of the great happiness of small shares.


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