inandık vase
inandık vase
traditional arts
İnandık Vase welcomed guests at the entrance of the city while coming from Ankara. When this vase was found during excavations in İnandık Village, it was understood as a result of the research that it belonged to Hanhana, the cultic center of the Hittite State. The vase depicting the marriage ceremony of the holy gods on the figures above it showed that the Çankırı territories were based on ancient civilizations as it was one of the world’s first vases. While its original form is preserved in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum, one of the originally designed vases is exhibited in the center of the city; the other one is exhibited in Çankırı Museum. İnandık Vase, which depicts the Hittite wedding and life figures, sheds light on the past.


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