ılgaz mountain national park (cankırı)
ılgaz mountain national park (cankırı)
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The soul of Ilgaz Mountains National Park was so glorious that the park shared its wonderful nature not only with Kastamonu but also with Çankırı. The national park, which covered an area of 1.118 hectares, had a vegetation covered with coniferous trees. The mountain was covered with black pines, scotch pines and firs. She met with her friends, with whom she agreed for the nature walk, in Çankırı and left herself in the arms of Ilgaz Mountain National Park at the end of 70 kilometers. She felt the fresh air burning her lungs in the national park where activities, such as mountain and snow sports, camping, photography, were performed. When they reached the peak at the height of 1.700 meters, they decided to come here at certain intervals because the feeling of pleasure of seeing the landscape in people should be experienced in 4 seasons.


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ilgaz mountains national park (kastamonu)

ilgaz winter tourism center (kastamonu)



  • Approximately 30% of the Ilgaz Mountain National park is located in the province of Çankırı. It is known that there are bear,wolf, fox, deer, roe deer, lynx, wild boar from wild animals in the area.
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