cankırı ılgaz winter tourism center
cankırı ılgaz winter tourism center
He visited Yıldıztepe Ski Resort while having a picnic in Kadın Çayırı during summer. He had made his plan when he saw the longest chairlift of Ilgaz Mountain, which reaches a distance of 1,600 meters. It was not a bad idea to enjoy the snow scenery while climbing the mountain with the rope railway. While the first snowflakes of the year were flattering the hills, Ilgaz Mountain was calling him now. He reached the peak by moving 20 kilometers away from Ilgaz district with his car, the trunk of which included ski set. The nature in white offered him more than he imagined. The night of Çankırı Ilgaz Winter Tourism Center was also nice. While watching the snow falling from the window of the facility he was staying in, he was grateful for every day he spent in Çankırı.


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