cankırı castle
cankırı castle
She was in Çankırı Castle where the tombs of Seljukian commander, conqueror of Çankırı, Kastamonu, Sinop Karatekin Bey, his wife Meryem Hatun and their two children were located. In the castle commanding the city, she saw that the walls built of rubble stones and bricks were worn over time and that a few of them reached our day. She learned from the people around her that the castle built on a small hill in the north of the city was one of the picnic areas preferred by people to relax by its arbours and scenery. While she was watching Çankırı at the top where observation terrace was built, she inhaled the smell of the soils that hosted many civilizations. She thought that Çankırı Castle should be the pearl of Çankırı with its Botanical garden, the harmony of trees and landscaping.


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