okra dish
okra dish
Aunt Nilüfer took care of the vegetables she dried while caring for the flowers in the pot in front of the window. Sometimes she put tomatoes to become red, and she sometimes laid green peppers to become dried. She was good at cooking okra, echoed with Çankırı. She dried the okra flowers she laid like a necklace in front of the famous window. She salted the okras that she threw into the water to be soaked not to cause saliva. She fried the okras she sieved with finely chopped onions, oil and a little bit of gravy and added the meat cubes. After she stirred all of them in the cooking pot, she added boiled water and cooked at a low heat. She did not forget to put lemon next to the dish while serving. Aunt Nilüfer also liked entertaining a guest like all Anatolian women.


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