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The weather was glorious in Çankırı on that day. He ran the final careful checks of the paragliding equipment. He had previously performed paragliding in many parts of Turkey., but the fact that he would float through the valley alaong with the view of the Ilgaz Mountain in Bayramören was making him excited. He had received flight training exactly to experience this feeling. He started running down the hillside, and he was unfolded by nature with the flow of the wind. While he was dancing with the clouds, he was watching the landscape from the sky with the pleasure of flying. By directing the parachute, he could direct his route as he wanted with power of the wind. He also felt the same feelings while he was skiing in the ski resort at the top of Ilgaz in the winter. He knew that nature could accompany him as long as he did not collide with nature and people could adopt to all environments. Thanks to the camera he attached to his helmet, his beloved ones also witnessed this wonderful moment. While the uninternational sounds he made were mixing with the wind, the images on the record became enjoyable.



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