spırıtual journey
While he was being familiar with Çankırı, he was unable to hide his amazement and admiration for his ancestors during the spiritual journey. When he entered Çivitçioğlu Madrasah, the small window to the right of the courtyard door attracted his attention. At one time, wealthy people were leaving money to the partition called Sadaka Taşı (Alms Stone) without anyone seeing, and then, the people who have insufficient income went there and took the amount of money they needed and did not touch the remaining money. That the hands that gave and the hands that received were tactful and sensitive affected him. He felt that his heart was relieved while visiting the Hacı Murad-ı Veli Complex within these feelings. He thought that he needed therapy in his soul while moving up the stairs of the Taş Mescid (Stone Masjid), which was used as a healing room in time. At the end of the journey that rested his soul, he expressed his gratitude to Çankırı.



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hacı murad-ı veli complex


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