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She felt that she was quite tired of the hot weather while exploring Çankırı. In the nature where she left herself, she sat in the shade of a tree and took Çankırı melon out of her bag. She cut its top in oviform with agile wrist movement. She divided the melon into two and cleaned the seeds in the middle. She felt that she was cooled off while eating the melon in the shade of the tree under muggy summer air. The taste that the melon left in her mouth was as delicious as the ice-creams she ate after playing a match between the neighborhoods when she was a child. While recognizing a city, she liked to taste the food culture of that region. While eating the okra meal served in the copper plate, she drank the diluted cranberry juice. She also liked the Küpecik cheese she ate at the breakfast she enjoyed. If she had the right of choice, she would prefer to eat the fruit she had put on his plate while sitting in the house on the branch. Whenever we had this chance, she would be as happy as the children. Eldivan Cherries that she ate until he would be full among cherry trees would remain a nice snapshot on Çankırı trip.



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cornelian sour


Eldivan Cherry


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