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Çankırı, which is an ancient residential area, was a home of for ancient civilizations with the İnandık Vase that showed the wedding and life figure of the Hittite period. The city which was shaped by Seljuk and Ottoman-style after the domination of Turks was still keeping its culture alive. Yaran Culture looking out for its values,protecting its essence and prioritizing cooperation regarded Çankırı, which internalized the Turkish-Islamic guild, as its motherland. The past was moving to the present time in the friend night during which the guests were entartained at regular intervals. While visiting the Buğday Bazaar Madrasah, the values that reflected the city's culture were visible. Everything was available in Çankırı; from the guest room, which showed the hospitality of Çankırı, to the kitchen where regional delicacies were prepared, and also to the rooms where handicrafts were exhibited to the craftmanship that is facing extinction nowadays. She could feel that the city has preserved its essence while she was walking on the strrets, looking at historic buildings and talking to people.



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