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The landscape she saw while climbing the Ilgaz Mountain with the telpher in the snow helped her forget her troubles. It seemed as if she brought all her stress to the top of the mountain and left there. While slipping down, Ilgaz was taking all of her negative energy. She also felt the same feelings while taking a walk in Kadın Çayırı (meadow) during summer. While she was chatting with Uncle Hüseyin at the lake, who was grazing her cows in Kırkpınar Plateau, she admired Anatolian people's positivity. Ilgaz Mountain National Park was a place that should be definitely visited by people who wanted to have a different outlook on life. While she was resting in the room of the Salt Hotel, whose walls were made of rock salt, she felt that her cells were renewed. She found a remedy with the water that was coming from the power in the Thermal Facilities in Kurşunlu District. Çankırı did her heart good.



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salt cave

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