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He was walking towards the depths of the forest in the Ilgaz Mountain National Park, and he was blinded by the sun that appeared while he was passing through the trees. He was in the heart of the great mountain of Anatolia. The rustling of the leaves combining with the wind, the sound of the dry branches as he kept his feet on the ground, the humming of the pine trees, and the visual feast that is exhibited through each tone of green was like theraphy for him. He wanted to enjoy when he caught the cool air in Kırkpınar Plateau in the middle of summer. He made preparations for the camp he would set up in the evening while provided the plateau with a different atmosphere. Kadın Çayırı (meadow), which covered by black pines, scotch pines, and fir trees, was much more than a picnic area with the fascination of Ilgaz. The ski center, which is located just above it, was frequented place for ski-loverswith the mountain covered with white. The nature of Çankırı made him feel that he was alive.



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